This page contains our “oldies but goodies”… past shows, featuring both celebrities and experts, that our listeners have enjoyed and want to be able to continue to hear.

My guest is stage, screen, and television star Matthew Arkin. We discuss his career, problems he has encountered, his father, Alan Arkin, his brothers Adam and Tony, and his additional work as an acting teacher. We talk about some of the concepts he covers in his acting classes.



This archived show, originally taped in 1994, features one of the first and most legendary fitness experts of all time. At the time of this taping, he was 80 years old, and still exercising two and a half hours each day. We discuss his career, his feelings about exercise, and his book, “Revitalize Your Life After 50”. Although occasionally difficult to hear his comments clearly, his enthusiasm for his profession shines through.

This archived show, originally aired in 1999, features one of the best pitchers in the history of baseball, Hall of Fame Cleveland Indians pitcher Bob Feller. Known as “Rapid Robert” for his fastball, he was an icon in Cleveland, and his insight into baseball and his unique personality has kept him in the public eye far beyond his retirement. We discuss his career, his views on the state of baseball today, and some of the difficulties about being a professional ballplayer.

This archived show, originally taped in 1995, features one of the most popular actors of all time, known for his work on stage, screen, and television. Perhaps best known for his work on TV’s “The Odd Couple”, Tony (who died in 2004) has a unique insight into show business and performing. His love of the arts, and his perceptiveness and sense of humor, make this a fascinating show.

In this show, originally aired in 2002, Danny Bonaduce reflects on his current life and discusses his new book, “Random Acts of Badness”. He looks back on his previous years of acting and of “counterproductive behavior” as a stepping stone to the more rational person he has become.

Originally aired in 2003, this show with singer Judy Collins ("Both Sides Now") illustrates how adversity has been a positive force in her life, both in private and as a positive celebrity influence for the public.

In this show, originally aired in October of 2003, Gary Puckett, lead singer of the ’60’s group, Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, discusses his songwriting and the ups and downs of an interesting life and musical career.

My guest is best-selling medical thriller novelist Michael Palmer, a physician turned author, who has written several best-selling medical mystery thrillers including, “The First Patient,” and “The Last Surgeon.” We discuss his newest book, “A Breath Away”, an exciting story of bioterrorism. We also discuss his writing career, how he approaches the writing process, and his pride in his family.

My guest is author Daniel Palmer, author of the exciting new thriller, “Delirious”. We discuss his theme of writing about the dangers of cyber-technology, and how he has used his experience as a computer expert to create his story line. We also discuss how a lot of his motivation to be an author stems from his successful father, best-selling author Michael Palmer.

Michael Palmer is a well known physician turned author, who has written several best-selling medical mystery thrillers including, “The First Patient,” and “The Fifth Vial.” His new book, “The Last Surgeon” is not only a gripping page-turner, it also gives an insightful look into the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder on military personnel.

This show features world famous novelist Robin Cook, author of the new thriller, “Cure.” In addition to talking about his new bestseller, we also discuss two very important issues covered in the book, the exciting medical breakthrough, induced pluripotent stem cells, as well as the problems caused by medical patents.

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